Monday, November 10, 2008

More of what we've been up to...

Last Saturday we participated in the MS Walk down at the Phoenix Zoo. A lady in our ward has MS and so we decided to go do the walk with them. We had a lot of fun. It was a really good experience, one we hope to make a family tradition yearly. For some reason I didn't get very many pictures of Garrett. He was there though, I promise.

The Williams Gilbert phoenix Airport, or something like that! It was an open house down at the Gateway airport. It was nice and hot, we tried to take some family pictures but the sun was so bright they didn't exactly catch us looking our best! It was a lot of fun for the kids, I think they enjoyed the huge bouncy slide the most though, Neil had travis and the camera at the time, taking pictures of the airplanes taking off.

What We've Been Up To.

src="" border="0" alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5267179436969925682" />Mud, Mud, Mud, and more MUD!!! We've been swimming in it lately! Sorry, for some reason this picture is posting as a link. Who knows why!
A project on rockets for homeschool. Garrett really enjoyed making his out of a water bottle.
A Daddy horse.
The baby who lived in a shoe box.
Marie Antoinette and King Louie
Visiting Aite in our Halloween costumes.
Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. I made the costumes, aren't they great!!
And Robin Hood, he's so handsome!
So there's a few, I'm going to upload some more, they just take forever! Anyone have a quick way to upload pictures on the blog?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Opinion

I can't upload the link to this but go visit, get resources.

I could go on about this subject forever. not just supporting prop 102, but also the election in general. Many people have their facts wrong! many people are taking what they see on the news for fact. This is wrong and DANGEROUS! The media is biased. They are no longer reporting fact, but are following and supporting in the media their own opinions. Make sure you are educating yourselves about the choices. Obama is not going to take our country in the direction we all want and need it to go. Taxes will be raised, our rights infringed upon, government spending raised. He will also support sex education beginning in KINDREGARTEN!! Oh and don't worry, it will be quite descriptive! Your kids will know everything they need to know from age 5 about how to prevent a pregnancy. Is this really what you want? Go research! I admit that John McCain was not my first choice for president, but if deciding between the 2 who has more experience? Who has stood up for the rights of all people? Who will keep our nation safe? Who will support our family values? Obama, doesn't have the experience, but he does has some nice connections to known terrorists, who have actually been mentors to him. Read some of his books, does he really sound like a patriot? Or is he just power hungry and ready to push forward HIS own BELIEFS and the BELIEFS of his AFFILIATES. Do you want to chance it on him. If we do, WE WILL REGRET IT!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

2 Weeks Down

You know, it seems like I just posted on this thing not too long ago, but apparently it has already been almost a month. Life is just crazy around here. i used to have time to read. I would usually go through 2-3 books a week, and I think I've read 1, and a few chapters this whole month!

What have I been doing you ask? Homeschooling these kiddos takes a lot of time! Not, in a bad way though. It's really been great these past few weeks doing this. The kids seem happy, Garrett has gone to a b-day party every Saturday for the past month, so he's been busy. Mally actually likes doing math, and reading is really coming along. I'm still accumulating the things/books that I need, so we're not quite where I'm wanting to be, but it all takes money. This is great for our family though! I can't wait to really get good at it! I have to re-educate myself on everything now, and try to get away from the book work and get more into the making learning fun and exploring their curiosity and so learning and retaining. I've been trying to read a great book that is mapping it out, but once again, I'm just swamped. it's not just homeschooling either. I'm watching kids almost every day of the week now, collecting cans, and making salsa to try to earn some money.

Neil is full blown back at school and this year is TOUGH! Try having teachers from different countries with super heavy accents and try learning from them. He's so busy trying to figure out what the heck they are saying he's not learning anything! And to top it off those teachers are his physics and Calc.2 teachers. Doesn't that just sound great? So he's studying most hours that he isn't working or in class.

Luckily we're all doing great despite the tough times. The kids are really fun, and I'm really enjoying having them at home. It's hard, I don't ever have time to go grocery shopping, or just be by myself, but I really feel like this is what we are supposed to be doing. I'm so grateful that I have a husband who is fully supportive of this too, it would be so much harder if he wasn't. But like always, Neil is just awesome, he's always been supportive of the things that I really feel strongly about. Well I hope everyone else is doing great. I'm sure no one ever even checks my blog anymore, but if you happen to, please say hi! It's been so long, and I really don't talk to many adults so it's always great to hear from old friends. Some day I'll get around to posting some pictures, I have some really great ones of a very muddy day, and a boy who could fit in a shoe box! Till then...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Playtime for the Boys!

Neil took Garrett out for a guys day to one of his most favorite places... The Indoor Rock Gym! Garrett had a blast and can't wait to go back again. It sounds like he's in line to be a monkey just like his daddy. Reaching heights others only dream about! I think we need to own our own one of these days! Next time the girls are coming too. I'm sure we'll be put to shame, but at lease we'll do it laughing!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Know I've Been Bad!

Okay, so once again it's been awhile since I've posted anything. It's been a bit crazy and I honestly just forget about this thing sometimes! Let's see, well school has been going okay so far, although I'm actually looking into homeschooling the kids soon. I know everyone will think I'm crazy, but I've done a lot of research inot it, I've visited a LDS group meeting, I've checked out curricula, and to be honest, it's something that just keeps popping into my head. I figure if it isn't going away then it might be something that I really need to be doing.

Neil started school yesterday and already I can feel the grind. It's single Mom time! Tuesdays and Thursdays are definitely without Daddy and the other days may be soon too if he gets a night job. It's really tough i must say, but man the sooner it's done the better off everything will be right? I just have to continually remind myself of that when I'm ready to go berserk!

Softball Season is starting up again soon and I'm really excited about that. i love playing the sports, it makes me feel a little bit like the old Tammie. You know, the girl before being a wife and mother, the one who was actually really good at sports. That seems to have gone away a bit unfortunately!. Not that I don't like the other stuff but sometimes I wonder what happened to the rest of me. So it brings a balance back to my life that I feel I've been missing. I get to play volleyball at our church every Wednesday and Friday too and oh how I absolutely love that! I've only missed once since we've started and it takes a lot to make me miss. I'll have to miss more often with softball starting though since it's on the same nights. Thats okay though. It's a good reason.

Well i guess thats it for an update. Not much changes. Maybe someday I'll et around to posting some more pictures. My camera is sucking my batteries dry for some reason so everytime I go to use it, it dies on me. Stinks but whatcha gonna do?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just so you know...

I got this info off of my sister in laws (Kristen Hon) Blog. Very good information to have! Her daughter has some sensory, developmental issues and they have been able to link some of the characteristics back to the day they had her immunizations. I know many of you probably think it's crazy not to have your child immunized, but I'm a firm believer in not doing it, especially when they are babies. I know of quite a few people who have children that have had reactions to them. The doctors don't give you all the information. You might think they always have your best interest at heart, but honestly do you really think it's for you or the money? Well those might be fighting words. So here's some info for those of you who don't research these things and just follow the doctor's instructions. Also visit kristen's blog, she has some other great information and a speech that you should listen to. She has really done her homework on the vaccines. I'm not trying to cause a fight on here either. It's just information that really is useful. Most people don't think to even look at both sides, the doc says and you do. Read on, you'll find out things that may surprise you!

Medical professionals that ensure parents that mercury has been removed from all vaccines are lying. They might tell you that only trace amounts of mercury have been found in a few vaccines. Did you know that those small trace amounts are too toxic for drinking water??

Here is a website to go & see what vaccines still have thimerosal (mercury)

Here is an alternate vaccine schedule... This recommendation was written by Donald Miller, MD who is cardiac surgeon and Professor of Surgery at the University of Washington in Seattle and one of the members of the Doctors for disasters preparedness. Here is the link to the article that he wrote I hope everyone will read. It is well worth your time.

1. No vaccinations until a child is 2 years old

2. No vaccines that contain thimersol(mercury)

3.No live virus vaccines (except for small pox if it should reoccur)

4. These vaccines, to be given one at a time, every 6 months beginning at age 2






Did you Know....

* we give the same amount of a vaccine to a newborn that we would give to a full size adult. One size fits all is ridiculous. Why do we have to give different amounts of medicine for different ages but when it comes to vaccines it doesn't matter??????

*The Flu vaccines still have a full dose of mercury in it. I find it interesting that Doctors encourage us to get the flu vaccine while we are pregnant but discourage us to eat fish while pregnant to prevent us getting any mercury. Does that make sense???

* Children who delay vaccinations by 2 months cut their risk of asthma by ½ according to (Kozyrskyj, University of Manitoba)

* What are in the vaccines???(Mercury, Aluminum, viruses, bacteria, formaldehyde, MSG, HCL, Antibiotics, Human, Cow, Chicken, Guinea Pig, Monkey tissue/serum, Yeast, and Egg)

* The current schedule requires 36 vaccines by the time a child is 6 and the majority are given to the children by the age of 15 months compared to 1983 when children received 10 vaccines in the same time period.

*7 Vaccines injected into a 13lb two month old infant is equivalent to 70 doses in a 130 lb adult.

*50 years ago when immunization schedule contained only 4 vaccines, autism was virtually unknown

* Type 1 diabetes went from 1 in 7,100 children in the 1950's to now 1 in 480* The CDC has not done any long term studies to see if vaccine schedule is safe

* US government has paid out more then $11.5 billion in vaccine injury compensation

Here are some tips I found on taca.orgs website. (talk about curing autism)
1. Do not vaccinate newborns. When you are ready to vaccinate – check into a slower vaccination schedule that may work for your family, address your concerns, and achieve public health policy slowly.

2. Avoid re-immunization with a vaccine after a previous bad reaction.

3. NEVER vaccinate ill children or children recovering from an infection.

4. Space vaccines - do not give multiple vaccines in 1 day.(THAT INCLUDES single vaccine doses that have multiple viruses! Split them up!)

5. Use single-dose vials from which to draw up the vaccines as opposed to multiple-dose vials which provide less uniform dosage.

6. Use inactivated polio. (the shot, not the drops)

7. Give RDA (Recommended Daily Allowances) of Vitamin C before and after vaccines

8. Give a natural form of Vitamin A ( cod liver oil ) to keep RDA's at level at all times for the age.

9. Separate the MMR into 3 doses: start with measles at 12-15 months, then mumps at 18-21 months, rubella at 24-27 months.

10. Do not give live virus vaccines to immunodeficient children.

11. Do not give vaccines if allergic to any of these components:i. Yeast - Hep B ii. Eggs - MMR iii. Neonycian - MMR or Varicella

12. Hold off on the Varicella until 10-12 years and if the child is shown not immunity to Chicken pox.

13. Check vaccine titers before giving boosters (Most people are immune after one dose. We continue to get multiple doses that MAY NOT BE NEEDED. Have them check antibody levels via titres blood test.)


These recommendations are based on great books for all parents/grandparents:

• What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinationsby Stephanie Cave, MD (paperback, September 2001)

• The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child (Sears Parenting Library), by Robert Sears, (paperback, 2007)

• Evidence of Harm by David Kirby

• Additional reading on this important topic can be located at the Autism Research Institute:
* Another great web site with the latest research papers can be found at

*If you read through this whole thing then I applaud you. If you were ever unsure of vaccinations then I hope this cleared the air. Thanks for listening!!

Another game, But I would love to see the comments!

Play along with me!! Here is how:
1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember.
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory of you. It's actually pretty funny to the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

San Diego Trip

Our family vacation, what can I say... sometimes it was fun! Looking back on it now I think I would skip the whole sea world part and just hang out at the beach. Sea World was fun and the kids really liked the shows, but we had most of our melt downs there, and i prefer not to play the part of crazed parents! The beach on the other hand was almost melt down free. Mallory hardly came out of the ocean the whole time we were there. She loved it, she hung out in the waves even when everyone else was taking a break. Garrett and Travis spent most of their time playing in the sand. Garrett and I started one big sand castle, unfortunately it became a casualty of the sea. Apparently we built it too low and the tide came in quick! He had fun searching for sea shells and Travis really liked chasing the sea gulls. I think if he could talk he would say his favorite part was chasing the birds wherever we went! So next time... California beaches here we come! My parents and sisters came a long too, we're glad they could join us, although it probably wasn't as relaxing as they were hoping for. Mallory really had fun with them at the beach though, jumping through the waves with them.

Friday, May 30, 2008

mallory's Dance Recital

The 2nd picture is from Mallory's kindergarten program. None of my pictures turned out with her on stage the kids eyes always looked really spooky! The other pictures are from her dance recital in May. It was the best recital I've been to by Joanne Judd. the girls all looked really cute and the dances were cute too! Of course Mallory was the cutest one there I have to say! It was a fun Disney theme and I really enjoyed it!

My Springtime Project

This is our Castlegate Sports Club. I organized this neighborhood tball for all of us who can't actually afford the expense to play with the city. it went really good and we had 2 teams with 24 kids playing. We'll be doing soccer in the fall and I think there might be a little more of a price for that one. It was a good amount of work, but i'm glad the kids were able to play. Mallory is upset because it was her turn to catch the ball when they went to take a picture. Good thing I wasn't paying a professional for this look!