Monday, September 24, 2007

Fat Neck!

I just love family get togethers. You never know what interesting tidbits you might get; great compliments, innocent jabs (or are they?). Last night we went over to Neil's dad's house for our monthly Koelle get together. His grandma was there and having just got back from spending time out of state with her daughter, it was the first time we've seen her for a couple of months. Now to really understand all that will be said, you must know that something like this comes out of her mouth at every family get together. Sometimes I feel quite offended and other times I try to just laugh it off as the ramblings of an old woman. Last night, I had just sat down with my 2 subs on small rolls, and Grandma Jean pipes up... Tammie, you look like you've lost some weight in your face and neck! Wow Grandma, thanks so much for letting me know I had a fat face and neck! Fat Neck??? Can I even have a fat neck? I didn't realize that I should worry about the percentage of fat I have on my neck! Thanks so much for pointing that out to me and from now on I will try to keep my neck in better shape!
The night goes on... "While I was at Nancy's, Tammie, she got a recipe email from you. Nancy guesses you must have a lot of time on your hands." Well Gee, lets think about it... what do I do? What does my day consist of? Oh yeah, I sit around watching soap operas all day long,eating and letting my neck get fat! So I came home, somewhat put off by that comment. and I go through my list of things that I do pretty much on a daily basis. Breakfast, baths, brush hair, brush teeth, nurse Travis, change diaper, give him a bath, empty dishwasher, start filling, clean up breakfast stuff, take my shower, get dressed, make lunch, clean up, drop Mally off at school, put Travis down for a nap, sweep kitchen floor so Travis won't eat the crumbs, find something for Garrett to do, make my own baby food for Travis, get travis up for nap, change diaper, feed Travis, pick Mally up for school, help with homework, make dinner, the list goes on and on and on! I also am the cub scout committe chair so I have to do that stuff during th weeks, I manage my softball team, I head up my neighborhood book club. I don't do anything! Thats how much time I have on my hands!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Let Me OUt!!!

daddy, what are you doing? can I help?

This was no trick....

And it certainly wasn't a treat! This is what I found on Tuesday in our garage when I was taking Mally to school! A Tarantula! It was up near the front of the garage and as i was walking to get into the other side of the car I saw it and at frist thought it was one of those real looking toy spiders. I realized that it was not when it started to move towards me! All I can say is HEART ATTACK!!!! Yeah, I freaked out just a tad bit. I tried to run over it with he truck twice but it was too far over to the side. Thanks to Dustin Harris and Dave Mowers for coming to my rescue! I might have had to sit out in the front just watching it all day long with Garrett and Travis in the truck just to make sure it didn't hide itself some where in the garage! Dustin sliced it in 2 for me and then threw in away in our neighbors garbage. Luckily it was the neighbor who already hates us because Neil is a mechanic and the kids make noise. His own fault for leaving the trash out past garbage day!!!

The Three Musketeers

All the kids were right in front of me on the couch so I thought I would take a picture and this is what I got...



I just want to say sorry to anyone who is reading my blog and wondering why everything is so messed up! I am wondering the same thing and the only explanation I
can give is this... We just bought a new computer and it is an apple MAC. Thats awesome you would think, Macs are supposed to be so great! Yes this is what you would think, well, it's not so great and most of the time I feel like flinging this so wonderful computer out my bedroom window where it will meet it's doom on the fence of our forgotten pumpkin patch. I would then laugh gleefully knowing that this contraption which has cause me so much stress and frustration the past couple of weeks, and also, I'm not proud to admit, some rather heated arguments with Neil about it(he think it's great and we just need to figure it out),is now smashed beyond compare where it can no longer cause me the grief, and if you haven't noticed the unexplained anger. The only thing keeping me from doing so is the knowledge of how much the danged thing has cost us and no, Neil will not let me return it and get a regular PC that I will know how to work. So please bear with me as I work through this #$%@ time! Thanks so much, and if anyone out there could help me, I would most graciously accept any help I could get (no, I don't mean psychiatric help)!

Say hello to Homer....

This is Homer, yes he is a frog. He is our univited, continues to visit, not so welcome frog/toad. The first time we found him on the porch it was really exciting and we called for the kids to come out and see the cool frog. A few large poos later we didn't think he was quite so much fun! And after being forcefully removed and driven at least 2 miles away twice, well, we are just sick of Homer! How does he make it back to our house when all the other frogs are getting squished on the road between here and there? This is the question we would like Homer to answer, but really it would be best if he would just GO AWAY!