Thursday, May 31, 2007

Random Things I LOVE About My Life!

In no specific order:
*I have live in censors. No matter why I say Stupid or shut up my kids will remind me... "Mommy, we don't say that!" They remind everyone else too!
*Even if Neil is tired I can convince him to massage my back. He says only 10 minutes, but I know as long as I'm sitting in front of him he'll keep going!
*When my hair looks the nappiest Garrett compliments me and says " Mommy, I like your hair like that!"
*I've gone from having a ton of friends to only having a few, but those few are the truest of true!
*Neil will always vacuum for me. He also cleans better! He's my BEST helper! I'm such a lucky girl!
* The nights I'm really into a good book and not trying to find out all about Neil's day, are the nights he wants to talk and talk and talk! It always makes me laugh!
*I get a "fishy" kiss from Garrett every night, and Mally wants me to "talk" to her before she goes to sleep!
*My kids laughter! & they always think I'm funny, even when no one else would!
*My self proclaimed "big helpers", when all they do is follow me around while I pick up telling me they are such good helpers!
*Travis's smiles. I can just see that he loves me! It makes me feel so special!
*Neil doesn't watch sports! He likes to be productive. I love that I don't have to fight the TV for his attention, and he lets me hang out and talk to him while he's fixing cars.

Sometimes life is tough and I feel like running from my house screaming like a mad woman, but I know that the other times when I'm sane, my life is pretty dang good and other than wanting a million dollars and a dancer's body (I was watching "so you think you can dance"
tonight), I'm more blessed than I could ask for or probably even deserve!

When I was a Little Boy

I'm making a family tree wall with early pictures of our parents and grandparents. I asked Neil's dad for some pictures and he gave me an old photo album of the family. This picture I found of Neil is great! I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it! I love the old pictures of family! I won't embarrass myself by putting any weird pictures of me but here's Neil's! I guess it's his own fault for allowing me access to a computer and my blog!!! Hehehe!

Where does it come from?

On Sunday we were heading to my parents house for a Memorial Day barbeque when Mallory says, "Mommy how do babies get teeth?" I'm about to answer her when she asks, "Do they get them from other little boys and girls who already lost their teeth?" Who would ever have even thought of that question? I don't think I would have! She always says and asks the funniest things! Good to know she's thinking deeply about things! I'm worried about what will come up in the future! She's already asked how a baby comes out of my tummy. That was an interesting conversation!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Mommy, I'm Finished!"

So here's to all you Mommy's out there with picky eaters! Tonight I have a funny story about dinner. I made, in my opinion, a pretty yummy meal tonight. I just found it, Broiled Tilapia parmesan, sauted broccoli, and potato slices. Well Garrett was excited because we were having broccoli, I know he's weird. Mally is always my hard one, she doesn't eat anything, she just sits there with a very pathetic expression on her face and whimpers! So I'm a frazzled Mom and will do anything to get my kids to eat dinner and that means I bribe! So I told them, "If you eat all of your dinner I will let you have ice cream." Garrett got really excited and started eating his broccoli. After the broccoli it starts getting a little bit tougher. I finish and put away the left overs for Neil to eat later tonight, and remind Mally for the 20th time to start eating. Garrett is still working on his fish when I leave the room to write down this recipe so I don't forget about it. About 10 minutes later he comes running in, " Mommy! I'm finished!" How many times have I heard those words only to find that they are not true? Way too many to count! So knowing my kids, and not being a dummy, I go out to check his plate knowing that he won't really be done. The first thing I do is look in the garbage can as I pass by. There sitting near the top are some potato slices. I look at Garrett and he's already wearing a guilty expression! I ask, "Are these yours?" He thinks about lying, I know because he starts to say no but sees my face and knows I know! So he says, " yees". Mommy knows when you lie!!!!!! I tell him, " you're not finished so you don't get ice cream" thinking well thats it, no ice cream for these kiddos! Well I thought wrong! Garrett fished those potato slices out of the garbage and ate them right up and came running back to tell me! Well, I believe he has earned his bowl of ice cream tonight!!! I hope he doesn't get sick because those slices were right on top of the packages for the fish! Oh well, it's good for the system right? Guess I was a dummy this time, I underestimated his desire for the ice cream! Oh the wonderful surprises a mother gets! At least this one made me smile!!! Mallory still has a full plate of food, it has now been an hour since we sat down for dinner! She's not getting ice cream!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007


Got Drool?

Muscle, muscle man!!

What a strong boy! Garrett is built just like daddy! Long and lean!!!! It's Koelle Tough!


Here's what happens when Mallory is supposed to clean her room! Looks like a lot gets done!

Cute Travis!

I just can't get over how happy this little boy is! He's always ready to smile at anyone, I love it! It really is hard to get a good picture of him smiling without his fist or fingers in his mouth but when I catch it I'm so excited!

It's Time to Get Fit!!

So I've decided it's time to take my fitness to the next step! Okay so really it's the first real step! I've signed up for Suzy's Boot camp! After trying to do a no junk food diet for a month and lasting for only a week, I knew I needed professional help! So I started this morning, early for me I truly love my sleep, but I pulled my self out of bed at the wee morning hour of 7 AM! This means serious dedication for me! I got there, luckily it's a a neighbor's house so it's just around the corner, and proceeded to have my body fat percentage and measurements recorded! Not something for the faint of heart! I tried to ignore the not so comfortable pinching of the body fat doohickey. I just kept my eyes closed and pretended not to be embarrassed, while really being in agony that someone else is seeing this! So class started and I did pretty well for a woman who hasn't worked out in about hmmm... 14 months. I kept up pretty good at all the stations until, I looked over at the other woman who also started for the first time today and saw her curled up on her knees feeling sick. Now I don't know what happened but I must have had the see it, feel it syndrome come over me because I suddenly felt nauseous, and had to sit down! So the session ends and I'm trying to be okay, but knowing that I really do need to throw up in a contained area before I spew somewhere public and uncleanable! Yes, I did throw up! I couldn't believe it, I've never thrown up from exercising before but once. Oh well, hopefully next time will be better! I'm already feeling the aching soreness creep into my under exercised body reminding me how out of shape I really am! Please, please let it work!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't let me suffer for nothing!!

The Father and Son's Outing!

Well, Garrett and Neil had a lot of fun camping this past weekend. Unfortunately Neil couldn't get the timer on the camera to work so he isn't in any of the pictures! Garrett loved it though, throwing rocks, and playing ball with dad, looking for the squirrel that kept running around the tree, and balancing across fallen logs. Whats not to love for a little boy? He came back dirty, and tired, but happy! We can't wait for the ward camp out so we can all go too!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I guess I'll play along!

I've been tagged by Kasey.
Here are the rules: 1. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.2. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose four people (revised from 8 to leave some for others!) to tag and list their names.4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

OKay, I don't usually play along with these, but I guess I will this once!
1. I secretly wish I could be on American Idol, even though I know I can't sing, it's fun to pretend I could be famous!
2. I can stay up all night reading a good book, and then wonder the next day why I'm so dang tired!
3. I can't have brownies in the house or I will eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
4. This tag game is really hard! I can't think of that many things! This is why I never do this on my email!
5. Since having kids I believe I am losing my mind. Just today I couldn't get my key out of the ignition and then it wouldn't start, only to have Neil check it and tell me I forgot to actually put the car in park!
6. My hair has gone semi curly since having kids and I hate it!
7. I love high school girl movies. You know, the ones you would never actually rent at blockbuster, but the ones you put at the top of your list from netflix!
8. My clothes collect in piles next to my bed and dresser. They may have been folded, but just never actually make it in drawers! Drives Neil crazy, but he loves me anyway!

OKay here's my tag list, Sorry girls!
1. Jenny
2. Carol
3. Jill
4. Heidi

Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Babies!

I just wanted to share the new babies of the family. Kori, Jenny, and I all had babies right in a row! Unfortuantely Jenny is in New Jersey so we haven't actually seen Haylie yet, but she'll be coming down in July. We're all really excited! So It's Travis (born January), Gwen (born February), and Haylie (born March). We finally have some cousins the same age! Too bad Travis is outnumbered!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Garrett loves his teenage mutant ninja turtles! He takes them everywhere! He's got Donotello along for a ride this time!

Well we're attempting to block the goal! He has the ready postion down, but when it comes to actual blocking...
Travis is almost 4 months old now. He loves chewing that fist. Sometimes he almost gets both fists in!
Here they are all together. It's hard getting them this way looking halfway decent! Travis' eyes are a bit creepy, so much for my camera's red eye reduction!
I have better action photos of Mally playing, but this will do for now. She is really doing pretty good. She gets right in there and takes the ball! I'm actually surprised, I wasn't expecting her to be so good!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

One of the few pictures with me!

Here's my newset addition! This is Travis and he is now 3 1/2 months old! Time flies by thats for sure! He brightens my days! His little smile is so cute. I can't ever get it on camera though because he just stares intently at the big thing blocking my face!

Here is Garrett! He is 3 1/2 years old, almost 4. This was taken on Easter Sunday. He picked a bunch of flowers and gave them to all the moms that were close by. HE can be such a sweetheart. Last week when I was getting ready for church he came in and said, "Mommy, you look beautiful!" What a great compliment! Today though he was mad at me and when he was walking down the hall he turned around and gave me a dirty look and called me a toothpick! I guess it was supposed to be mean, but I think I can handle that name!

This is Mallory. She's 5 years old going on 20! She has a very active imagination and instigates all the pretending that go on in our house! Mallory is usually the one who says the best things! The other day she said, "Mommy do you know why I pick my nose?" I said, no I don't. She said, " Thats because Jesus made me that way." I can't really fight with that one!