Monday, January 25, 2010

So 3 months is a long time

I guess it's now been about 3 1/2 months since the last time I posted. So update on what's going on with the family.....
Tate is almost 7 months, and he's still so much fun. Travis is 3 now. He is pretty dang funny too! He loves talking to Tate and telling him how cute he is. He's just funny to listen to. Garrett hates school. That makes life so much fun! Mallory loves school but hates homework, thats fun too! Other than that the kids are fun and happy. We had a great Christmas and the kids are really looking forward to Valentines's Day! Neil just started bak at school last week. We're hoping for a less crazy scedule. We'll see what happens though. I'm at home still, I've lost 47 lbs. since having Tate. I'm pretty dang happy about that! I am back at my prepregnancy weight, but I'm still trying for more. I have started doing yoga for my back and rib problems, and I'm finding that I really like some of the different styles. I guess thats about it. Nothing too exciting we're just pluggin' along as usual.