Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Opinion

I can't upload the link to this but go visit, get resources.

I could go on about this subject forever. not just supporting prop 102, but also the election in general. Many people have their facts wrong! many people are taking what they see on the news for fact. This is wrong and DANGEROUS! The media is biased. They are no longer reporting fact, but are following and supporting in the media their own opinions. Make sure you are educating yourselves about the choices. Obama is not going to take our country in the direction we all want and need it to go. Taxes will be raised, our rights infringed upon, government spending raised. He will also support sex education beginning in KINDREGARTEN!! Oh and don't worry, it will be quite descriptive! Your kids will know everything they need to know from age 5 about how to prevent a pregnancy. Is this really what you want? Go research! I admit that John McCain was not my first choice for president, but if deciding between the 2 who has more experience? Who has stood up for the rights of all people? Who will keep our nation safe? Who will support our family values? Obama, doesn't have the experience, but he does has some nice connections to known terrorists, who have actually been mentors to him. Read some of his books, does he really sound like a patriot? Or is he just power hungry and ready to push forward HIS own BELIEFS and the BELIEFS of his AFFILIATES. Do you want to chance it on him. If we do, WE WILL REGRET IT!!!