Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sycamore Creek

We finally had another family outing this memorial day weekend. We decided to head on out to Sycamore Creek to just play for a few hours. Neil and I had great hopes of being out on the road by 8AM, but of course we slept in and didn't leave until about 10:30AM. It was a fun journey out there, the first road down Ellsworth we were stopped short by a road block. All roads leading the tthe lake had been shut down becasue of an accident. Neil is getting mad at this point... it's a detour now. So we head out to Power because the road worker said it should be open... nope, onto the freeway that doesn't apparently have exits at Gilbert or Satpely, not until Country Club are we able to exit. Fun, family fun trip! Neil is fuming, he wants to turn around and go home. I sweetly remind him of the conference talk from last session about how we need to keep a sense of humor and laugh when we feel like doing otherwise. I am a very good wife. So finally we hit the real road out there, Bush Highway is also closed of course, but luckily we are able to find a way there anyway. The bumpy road was not so fun for a girl in her 37th week of pregnancy, but we got down to the very small creek finally! Yea!!

The kids played. We caught 5 half formed tadpoles that Neil nicely let them bring home. Neil and the kids built a little waterway from the creek to another patch of water. Mommy deciced to sit down in the creek to cool off a little and had to wait for Daddy to help her up, which he took his time to do of course! I must have looked like a black beached whale just sitting there all by myself wating for help getting up. I could have gotten up myself of course, but the creek bed was rocky and it would hurt my knees, so I just waited. So after a long road there, it was worht it. We really did have fun despite the setbacks and we were all really glad we went. I took some cute pictures of the kids with Neil's phone because I didn't bring the actual camera, but we're having trouble downloading them. They were all so excited about their tad poles. trav couldn't stop grinning when I caught his, of course he let it go in the waterway they were building (twice), but then Neil caught him a really big one and we were able to bring it home! So in our fish tank they sit, smelling up my kitchen with the lovely creek water we thought would keep them alive longest. I'm getting rid of them tonight! They will find a nice home in a little canal somewhere out here in QC. So, family fun trips are worth it, despite the setbacks along the way. We're thinking of heading to Roosevelt next weekend... we'll see!