Monday, April 28, 2008

5 Embarrassing Moments...

I saw this on Kasey's blog so I thought what the heck I'll tell a few.

1. At a recital of my sister's I went to the bathroom and came out with my dress tucked into the back of my tights. Luckily I didn't get out of the bathroom before another girl informed me of my predicament.I was probably about 8.

2. At the DMV when my mom and I were waiting to take my driving test. I was wearing some Birkenstock type sandals and we were sitting on a bench near the door. We noticed some gross brownish fluid on the floor and then realized I was flinging dirty sweat off my shoes with every flip of my foot while I sat waiting! Hopefully no one else noticed, but it was still mortifying! My copious amounts of sweat from my hands and feet have given me many embarrassing moments over the years!

3. I was playing one on one basketball with a guy friend in college, trying to be cool and sporty I went to make a layup and I tooted as I jumped! I hoped that he hadn't heard, but such is my luck he didn't even try to ignore it but chose instead to comment on it! Luckily he never told anyone else that I know of!

4. On a date with Neil, we went to the golf course to the driving range. I wasn't planning on playing any type of sport so I was not prepared for the occasion. On one of my shots my golf club went flying out of my sweaty hands onto the middle of the field. The other people there had to halt their practicing so Neil could go grab my club! This was pre-engagement days!

5. NOw this one may take the cake for all of my embarrassing moments ever. It is still talked of to this day by all those who witnessed this spectacular event! I was in a Christmas program at church and I was to be the lead package coming out on stage followed by a group of much younger kids. My mom and I decided I should be the best and biggest package. AS I was nearing the end of the stage I had to step over a leg of a screen that someone had so graciously left on the stage. Well, when you're the biggest package that package of course covers yours knees so that they cannot bend no matter what obstacle you might have to step over, so as of course would happen, I tried to step over the leg and instead tripped and fell on the stage causing a package pile up as all the other children following me fell on top of me! Of course I still couldn't bend my knees so I couldn't even move myself off of the stage, finally someone took pity on the poor child flailing her limbs trying to get up and nicely drug me off the stage!. Needless to say I was pretty upset at my mom for making me not only be in the stupid program, but for then making me be such a huge package! And yes for those people in 39th ward who were there to witness my debut that night, I still hear about it 20 years later when we happen to meet! maybe that is why I never felt the need to be on stage again!

Well there are some of mine, please feel free to post some of your moments! Jenny I especially want you to because you have the greatest and also can tell them in the most hilarious way ever! Juliette, you too! Plus you share the sweat gland problem with me so we can relate!