Friday, March 28, 2008

Goldfield Ghost Town

We are trying to go on a family outing once a month and our first one was to Goldfield Ghost Town. It's free by the way, if anyone wants to go. The kids had fun, it was hot and dusty and we got ice cream. Who needs more? It ended nicely with me driving us home because Neil was making calls on his cell phone. I switched seats with him and to end a great day got pulled over by a very unsympathetic cop and of course because he didn't want anyone actually enjoying their "Good Fridays" he gave me a ticket for speeding. 10 years spotless driving record down the drain! Next time Neil stays in the dirvers seat! We did have fun though. This will be the first post of pictures since it takes forever to down load all the pictures I'll do some more another day!

The old fire truck we found out of sight behind the buildings.

Good thing we didn't bring the big stroller! I don't know if Neil would have appreciated having to pick that one up and carry it up and down the rutted hill!

OOOH! Look at the snake!

My twins!

The snake head is actually right there, it was like it actually wanted to say hi!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Loose Tooth

Another childhood milestone is passing in our lives! Today while Mally was eating her sandwhich she told me her top tooth hurt when she bit down. So I checked it and sure enough her tooth is wiggly! We are all so excited! She got the biggest grin on her face and said, "Really?" then she ran and told Garrett who was so excited too, and then I let her call Daddy at school to tell him. This is so fun to see how bright her eyes got at the prospect of losing a tooth and having the tooth fairy visit! This picture I think well represents teeth because we took this at the zoo while Mally's teeth were full of oreo cookie! Soon those teeth will be replaced!


Okay, so one of the busiest things going on for me has been scouts. I've been in scouts for the past 3 years, 1 1/2 yrs. as the Webelos leader, and the other half as the cub committee chair. Now most people who haven't been in scouts may think that this is a cushie job. Let me tell you, it's not! Planning a big party every month is not easy and making sure all the leaders are doing what they are supposed to, not easy. And considering that for a committee it consisted of me the primary leader and our cub master and Neil who was also the webelos leader with me and the reason we were released was because he was gone at nights, so guess how much help he was as a committee member, so most of the organizing of everything fell to me. So a few weeks ago I finally confronted my bishopric member over the scouts and told him that I needed a committee about a year ago and he needed to get on the ball and start calling people for me. I've been a tad stressed with my calling for awhile now and with some of the leaders being flakes I just kind of snapped! So just before our blue and gold(after I had already done all the organizing) they finally called a committee for me! That was the last week of february. It all went well, and the bishop told me that someone had told him it was the best blue and gold he had been to. Thats always nice to hear after putting so much time and effort into something. But to be honest, I've been wanting to be released for quite awhile, having Neil gone at nights means I have to drag all my kids, and all the decorations, and food supplies in my truck to pack meeting every month and it is really hard! I can't keep a close enough eye on my kids while I'm setting up and making sure all the awards are set to go and everything is put together, all the while dealing with a fussy baby who needs to eat constantly to be happy. Stress, it was a disease I was living with! I have been slowly losing it every month a little bit more goes. So on Saturday I had a surprise visit from ourmy bishopric member over the cub scouts. He came to let me know that they were releasing me and appreciated all the hard work I put into cub scouts! Oh, the great relief to know that no longer do I have to have the planning meeting coming up next week, or send out a million emails to get responses back, or make sure we have the awards picked up and ready to go, or cart ll my children to pack meeting and be the crazed mom who can't control her children! And so much more! I've enjoyed parts of being in cub scouts and it really is a great program, but I am so THANKFUL that I have finally been released! So yea! It's a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders, and know maybe I can start to like some of the people I've worked with again who haven't followed through on things and made me frustrated! So here's to being released from a calling after 3 years of hard work and dedication despite the many frustrations along the way!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

to blog or not to blog

I'm in a mood lately where I really feel that spending my time blogging is just a huge waste of time. So that is why there have been no updates lately, I'm just tired of it. I'm super busy with organizing a sports club for kids in my neighborhood, managing my softball team, planning and organizing all of our wards cub scouts pack meetings, and more. I'm just tired and I don't want to do more, so I would say don't check back for awhile cause I have a feeling this might last awhile! Maybe then I'll get around to posting our zoo adventures and Mally's 6th birthday, oh and I also celebrated my 28th in February. It's been a busy, busy time and it appears it will be getting busier! See ya all!