Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Daddy Attack!

Children at play make daddy tired for the rest of the day!The kids are having fun, but how is daddy feeling? This was a fun moment, Travis even attacked daddy! I love watching the kids and Neil play together! The kids literally play like thy're WWF fighters! Especially Garrett, he has gotten in quite a few good body slams! Mally not so much but she giggles a lot!

Arrrgh Matey!

Pandemonium! Pandemonium! Chaos! Pandemonium! Thats what you get when you have 8 4 year old boys running around the house with pool noodles made into swords! And yes, they can still make little boys cry! We had a few casualties, nothing major, but definately a few tears! Those boys wailed on each other! HAppy Birthday to Garrett anyway, I guess it could've been considered fun... Thanks to Grandma for making the coolest birthday cake ever too! Isn't it awesome? My Mom is so talented!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

5 Minutes of Alone Time

So my day has been seriously crazy and here I am with 5 minutes of alone time and what am I doing? Nothing productive obviously, just checking out the blogs! Sometimes I wish I had about 5 more hours added on to my day, only nighttime hours though. the only time of day when I am hopefully able to do what I want to do.

My batteries on my camera died on the 4th, but I feel I need to post something, just for remembering sake I guess. So today was lots of fun. First I woke up at 7AM(very early for me! Yes I know I'm lazy!), to get Mally ready to go to the doctor to get her tongue snipped. It went well, I was prepared with her blankie, doll, and an Amelia Bedelia book to read. The nurse said she has never had an IV go so smoothly with a child and that she was just a perfect patient! Good to hear, I tried to keep it as untraumatizing as possible for Mally, and me! The ride home was a little bit more painful for her than I had hoped. Whats with pain medication anyway! They tell you it should last 2 hours and it actually only is about 1/2 hour! Poor thing was just crying on the way home cause her tongue hurt! I was in the back with her, but thanks to the seat belt law I couldn't really be as comforting as I would have liked!

We get home, and Travis is there with his nose running, drool streaming from his mouth and little chapped cheeks! Oh my, the poor little thing! He is running a slight fever too. Tonight would have been a great night for Neil to have a normal job with regualr hours! I feel like I've been running from one sad little child to the next! Being a Mom is HARD! And poor Garrett is driving me nuts becuase he has so much energy, he keeps popping up in my face making wierd noises! I finally had to send him outside to play with the dog just so he would get some energy out of him! I wish it were cooler I would have made him run laps around the backyard! Then I sliced my finger pretty deep cutting an avacado. There was blood dripping everywhere and it hurt too dang it!

Now it's quiet, Travis is finally asleep and hopefully will be for more than an hour this time. Mally is down and hopefully won't feel any pain tonight. Garrett hopefully won't wake me up at 2AM with a sad whimper and his underwear dripping wet. And last, Neil will hopefully make it home with out falling asleep at the wheel or getting pulled over for speeding or some kind of accident. Sounds like a lot of hopefully's! Oh, did I mention that sick or not I love them all? Tomorrow will be better!(Hopefully!)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July Celebrations!

Me and Trav at the pool hanging out. This is the only way I actually get in any pictures, if I take it myself!

Mally the fish! And I just have to put the funny pictures in! Good thing they aren't old enough yet to care!
Here's Garrett's funny one!

He's finally swimming! Yeah! He had fun letting daddy do all the work too though!

Another one of my own! I've gotta be remembered too!

We're getting a little worn out by now.
Outside watching the fireworks! It's especially fun with Grandma! We had a lot of fun, but we were also very glad to get home! Especially after being on the freeway with Neil driving! Crazy! It's a great time to let the kids know about our country and the freedom we enjoy. My kids understand a little bit of what their uncle Tyler is doing fighting in Afghanistan, but it's always good to be able to let them know why he's there. WE miss him, but thank heavens for those brave people who are willing to fight for our freedom!

Monday, July 2, 2007

My Smart Baby!

So here I am going to brag like the proud mommy I am! Travis at 5 1/2 months old is inch worming his way across the floor! What an accomplished little thing! I think he'll be crawling within the next 2 weeks (Neil says one, but I'll give it a little more)! I can't figure out if I should be excited or not! Now I have to make sure everything is picked up off the floor that could possibly get put into his mouth! But it sure is cute watching him be a little inch worm with his bum going up in the air!! It's so cute I just want to pinch it! My baby is growing up too fast!!!

Oh! Isn't he just so cute? If you tell me no, we can't be friends anymore!!!!

A Quick List of Fours

Four Jobs I've Held

1.Cashier at "The Fruit Stand"
2.Zuka Juice Girl
3.YMCA Day Camp Counselor
4.Respite helper(I can't remember what it was called, but it was the grossest job ever!)

Four Movies I can Watch Over and Over

1.Pride and Prejudice (the second half is my fav!)
2.The Italian Job (It's my cleaning movie)
3.Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Frank is my favorite brother!)
4.While You Were Sleeping

Four Places I have Lived

4.Queen Creek,AZ

Four TV Shows I Watch

3.October Road
4.So You Think You Can Dance

Four Places I have Been on Vacation

3.Rocky Point
I sure am a world traveller!!

Four of my Favorite Foods

1.Pizza (CPK honey wheat with tomato and avacado is my fav.)
2.Chips and Homemade Salsa!!!!!
3.Cookies (choc. chip or white choc. macadamia nut)
4.Rubios or BJ's Fish Tacos

Four Websites I Visit

4.Fox.com(Just keeping up on the SYTYCD forums)

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now

1.Up North getting ready for 4th of July Celebrations
2.San Diego
4.Anyplace we could call a vacation! We haven't been on one in about 5 years!

Four People I'm Tagging! - Now you Guys Copy and tag Some more!