Thursday, February 25, 2010

I AM 30!

I can't belive it, one year older already! Time sure does fly by that's for sure! Sometimes I wish it would go even faster, just to get us out of school and into an actual career. This month has felt so crazy! I had something going on every weekend and it has just flown by! Most memorable moments...
1. Mallory turned 8! She was baptized on Saturday Feb. 20th. It was great! We were the only one in our ward with a baptizm, so it was her own private, special day. Tha was really nice. It was a really rainy day too, and of course we were running late! But we got there, and everything worked out just fine! She said she really felt the spirit when Neil gave her the gift of the Holy Ghost, and she felt like she was going to cry. How sweet! She said it was the best day of her life!
2. Since she turned 8 Mallory was allowed to have a slumber party! Only 2 of the girls were able to spend the night, but that was fine with me! She had 3 girls over for a pajama making party and a movie. They had a lot of fun and it was one more milestone that we crossed!
3. Well obviously I hit 30! It's okay, no melt down or anything! It was actually a really good day! Neil surprised me with a gift the night before, a jacket. He said he was sick of me having to wear his ugly one all the time. That was thoughtful. Then on my birthday as I was getting ready to go, I noticed another package at the end of my bed.... I was so surprised! 2 presents! It was a bottle of perfume. One that I really liked and have wanted for while too! DNKY's "Fresh Apple Blossom." I was really excied about taht! I didn't even tell him to get me it! Then... I got into the car to head to my acupuncture appointent and there was another gift on the steering wheel! It was Lady Antebella's CD. Gotta love 3 gifts in one birthday! I haven't had so much in such a long time! It was so exciting and made me feel so special too! I also got a good hair straightner (which is what I told him to get me), so I figured tht is what I was getting, he let me open that one a week ago since I really wanted it! Do I have a great guy or what? Yeah, I do!

So that's my month. It feels like it's been non-stop, but I suppose it's all been good!