Thursday, July 9, 2009

Justin Tate Koelle

And he will be known as "Tate". We had 2 names, Justin Heath and Ryan Tate/Tate ryan that we couldn't decide between so to make life easier we decided just to combine the 2 so he had a name other than "boy" and then we would decide later which to actually call him. Neil came in with Travis the next morning and said "Travis what's the baby's name?" and Travis said, "Tate." It was very cute, and so it was decided, although I was already planning on telling Neil that I wanted Tate too, so it all worked out well.
He was born on July 6th at 6:55PM. Almost 7 hours after getting to the hospital. Since I was 8 days overdue and already 4 cm dilated the doctor made an appointment for me to go to the hospital and he would just break my water. He did that at 12:30PM, so I guess it could have been longer than the 5 hours of actual laboring I did. It sure was boring though! It was a pretty great experience in the end though because my doctor was in surgery when the baby was coming and so he called in his back up and they sent down a midwife that works there. She was so great, I will go back for her next time! The baby started coming so fast though when it finally started happening I was so scared. I all of a sudden had a contraction and he was coming, not just oh, it's going to be soon, it was there is a freight train coming out of me and there is no stopping it! My mom ran for the nurses and I just looked at Neil and was ready to tell him to get over there and catch the baby. The nurses came in and said hold it back the midwife should be here any second. I had 3 more contractions before she got there and they were all agonizing because I was literally holding him back! She finally got there, threw on an apron over her clothes and some gloves, still wearing her flip flops and then 10 min. later out came the boy! I actually delivered him lying on my side, and she worked with me so there was no tearing or anything. It was great! You know extremely painful, because we worked him out a little bit more gradual instead of the 3 big pushes and it's out, but all in all it was a wonderful experience and Ramona (the midwife) was so amazing, she made me feel so comfortable and was so supportive. I just can't say how great it was!
Okay so I could describe more, but for the sake of writing a novel I'll finish .. he was 8lbs. 2oz. and 21 inches long. He came out all wrapped up in the cord and was surprisingly blue, but he got his color quick and received an APGAR score of 9 both times (not that it's that big of a deal). He kind of looks like he has strawberry blonde hair right now, but we figure it will all fall out and come in blonde too.