Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Vroom Vroom!

So here's some exciting news... Neil just got a Mechanical Engineering Internship with Harley Davidson!!! We are all so excited, he's working down on the GM Proving grounds and gets to be right in on the research and development, it's soooo cool!!! Anyway, Yea For Neil! Yea! For Us!!! This is such a leg up in his career, it's amazingly wonderful!! Yea!Yea!Yea!Yea! You've gotta admit, it's pretty dang sweet!!!

Numero Uno!!!

Well my baby has turned one! Time sure does fly! And I'm not sure I want it to. WE had a good little party with him, and if you can't tell he loved his cake! He dug right in and didn't stop till I took it away. I kind of gave him a bigger piece than I should have, but he was okay with that! The boy can eat! We just had his 1 year check up and he weighs in at 16lbs. 11 oz! And he's a whoppin 28in. long! He's pint sized, but his appetite sure isn't! Well what can I say, I love my Travi!!


OKay I'm just going to vent my annoyance right now for all of us Arizonans! How could we let McCain win here? I know he's republican and from Arizona, but really. He's practically a democrat with the way he supports different views, he shouldn't even be a republican anymore! I don't know what I'm going to do if he wins, I will probably have to do a write in because I don't want my support to go to a man with his kind of morals! Anyway, I could write a lot more on the subject but for now I'll just let it stand. I'm just so disappointed!