Thursday, June 25, 2009


Crazy thing happened to me on Tuesday... I was travelling along Sossoman to go to my Chiropractor's appointment (which I had just made that day because I couldn't take the pains anymore!) and about a mile and half from there I hear a big BANG! I immediately pull the suburban over because I knew it was the car tire. Yes indeed. There in the back on the passenger side is my nice blown out tire that is only 2 months old! Pretty scary, although it happened so fast all I did was react, and I'm very glad it wasn't one of my front tires, or that it didn't happen earlier in the day when I was on Ironwood or the freeway with Travis in the car too. It just so happens though that it was the one day Neil was not around to help me. His company had sent him to Yucca to set up a weather station, so he was 5 hours away. So being a full blown 39 weeks pregnant it ended up being a really fun day/night. I just wish the fear or suddeness of it would have sent me into labor, but no such luck! It only took about 3 hours to finally get my car back to my parents house and this was after the first spare tire didn't work that Buck put on, and then I finally called Neil's dad, Randy to help me (he's very mechanical too). It was all just crazy and long and hot! This is the completely condenesed version of the story too, the whole thing was a complete nightmare to take care of. I am very grateful for the circumstances under which it happened though. It could have been so much worse and I was so lucky that the kids were all at places they were taken care of.