Friday, May 30, 2008

mallory's Dance Recital

The 2nd picture is from Mallory's kindergarten program. None of my pictures turned out with her on stage the kids eyes always looked really spooky! The other pictures are from her dance recital in May. It was the best recital I've been to by Joanne Judd. the girls all looked really cute and the dances were cute too! Of course Mallory was the cutest one there I have to say! It was a fun Disney theme and I really enjoyed it!

My Springtime Project

This is our Castlegate Sports Club. I organized this neighborhood tball for all of us who can't actually afford the expense to play with the city. it went really good and we had 2 teams with 24 kids playing. We'll be doing soccer in the fall and I think there might be a little more of a price for that one. It was a good amount of work, but i'm glad the kids were able to play. Mallory is upset because it was her turn to catch the ball when they went to take a picture. Good thing I wasn't paying a professional for this look!

Where's the Baby?

With the food of course!! This is where I found Travis after searching for awhile. Apparently mallory found a bag of Fritos that Neil had brought home and hid them in her room where soon to come her baby brother wandered in with his nose for food and settled in to eat. He was really very comfortable too, wishing to thank his sister for not only supplying the yummy snack but for also supplying the cushioned seat of dirty clothes.

Garrett's Rock, Meet Mally's Eye

So this is what happens when a little boy with a very good arm gets a rock and throws it uphill as his sister looks back at him. It was quite a traumatizing experience but all I can say is thank goodness it hit her eye brow and not her eye! The first picture is from right after the incident, the next 2 are from a week later. Notice the difference in the facial expressions! Mallory had a very pretty shade of purple on her eye for a few days, it would have looked great if we had dressed up the other to match!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Best Twist Ever!

Who is in to the FOX tv show "Bones"? Neil and I watched last nights episode, which I'm pretty sure was the season finale, and WOW! That show is the winner for the best all time unexpected outcome! If you haven't watched Bones you need to at least start at the beginning of this season (3) and watch because it was so great! I am actually really sad and disappointed and I can't stop thinking about the horrible twist they threw at us! I wish I could figure out how to upload a picture but I can't so you'll just have to check it out on FOX. Seriously though. I have never seen a show that so totally threw me, it comes out of no where and just hits you right where it hurts! Watch it! You won't be disappointed, but start from the beginning of the season or it just won't be the same!