Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another Update

Okay, since I only have done an update on Neil, I'll do some on the rest of us.

Mally loves going to school now! Thank goodness! I had Neil start taking her and she got over the hysterics after that. She told me one day, "Mommy my stomach hurts." and I asked her if she wanted to stay home from school and she said, "No, because then I'll be bored." She's taking after her mommy, I was always bored when I was little!

Garrett, well he's just staying at home with me, he gets a little more daddy time now though. He's misses Mally, I really need to come up with some activities to do with him. When it gets cooler we'll be able to play ball in the back yard but for now 112 is too hot! He really likes playing with his playdoh, and his imagination is really blossoming, it's fun to hear him pretending. He's also starting to draw more, he gets frustrated when it doesn't look the way he thinks it should, but he's getting better. Is the frustration a boy thing? I don't remember Mally doing that.

Travis is crawling, or I should say bear walking because he never actually uses his knees! He just goes around with his rump up in the air and gets where he needs to be! He's quick too, he's gonna have great claves! He's also pulling himself up on everything now, and I am his favorite toy. He likes to use me as a jungle gym and then he's happy! He's 7 months now and I can't believe that soon we'll be celebrating his 1st bday! My batteries are dead on my camera, but as soon as we get around to buying some new ones I'll post some pictures.

Me, well my sister Jenny has been in town so we've been hanging out and she's inroduced me to some new foods. We went to Thai one night and it was really good, and then on Saturday Jenny, Mom, and I, along with our significant others went out to try Ethiopian food. It was actually pretty good, and Neil says he'll go back just for the dessert. There wasn't any teriyaki chicken there so he didn't love it, and my dad, well if it ain't steak and potatoes it ain't food! It was fun, I think we all really enjoyed just hanging out, and Tom already eats all this food so it was nothing new to him. Now I just need to do some Indian and Sushi and I'll be feeling quite cultured! I feel like I've been eating out a ton lately though, between some good-bye lunches for a friend (We miss you Juliette!), and being with family, it's amazing I'm maintaining my weight! I've also been playing softball, I thought it was time to get out again so I started a Queen Creek team. It's fun, but man I stink now! It's hard to believe I used to be really good, where did all that talent go? I must have hid it under a bushel, because I've lost it! Well 3 babies might have something to do with it too! At least I'm playing!

I've Been Busy....

Okay, since I'm starting to get mean comments left on my blog (thanks Jill!) from not updating, I guess I better do it. Life has been crazy lately and it seems like I just don't have many spare minutes to do much else. OKay so here's what's been going on with the Koelle's...

Neil started school last Tuesday. It has been almost 3 years since doing anything schoolie, and even longer doing anything that involves math. His first day, well lets just say it could have gone better for him, but the memory will last a lifetime....

He has absolutely no idea what he is doing in any of his classes. But the best part is what happened later at his 6 o'clock class. He was heading to class and went on in, right on time, well he sat there for a few minutes just listening and thinking this doesn't seem right, another few minutes goes by and he realizes he's in the wrong classroom! So he gets up and leaves to go find the right room. He finds it and asks some guy standing outside if it was his MET 160 class. The guy consults a paper and says there is no listing for that class at all at the ASU East campus. So NEil is freaking out a bit by now. He heads over to the student union and finds someone to look his class up. Yep it's there. The girl behind the desk graciously offers to walk him over. They get there, and it's the classroom he just left. The man was a moron and didn't know! So the girl walks Neil in and says to the teacher... " You have a new student, he was lost." Neil obviously didn't find this very humorous at the moment, but I thought it was hilarious when he told me later! Also in a class they played a getting to know you game, the kind where there's a bunch of boxes filled in with a description and you have to get people to sign their names in the boxes that describe them. One box says, I am married. No one is filling in this particular box, so Neil says everyone bring me their paper and I'll fill in that one. So he's the only married person in there and then someone says, "No way, you're married?" He says yeah, I have kids too! " What, how old are you?" Neil says, lets just say I've already had my 10 year reunion. KID says, " What! You look like you're 22 maybe 23!" So NEil is also the old guy in every class too! In math he had to get a TI graphing calculater, and he couldn't work it, so he turns to the guy next to him and says, "Hey, do you know how to turn this thing on?" Of course the 18 year old boy does and gives him a weird look, probably thinking to himself, "dude, the special ed department is down the hall!" Poor guy, but you have to admitt, it's pretty dang funny!

Friday, August 10, 2007

First Week Recap

Okay so yesterday I had Neil take Mallory to school and she did so much better. On Wed. she kicked the school psychologist(no they didn't send her to it), who saw her teacher struggling with Mallory and went out to help. She didn't kick her on purpose to be mean, she was just trying to get away and run back to me. For everyone who was able to send your children off with less drama, be so grateful! It tore my heart out to leave her screaming for me like that! I'm tearing up just thinking about it! Yesterday was great, and I had to take her today because Neil was at a meeting. To say the least I was scared, I didn't want any of us going through that again! She did great though, I am thankful to say! She gave me a hug and went and stood right in line. She even volunteered to hold the door for her teacher! So we're all happy, me(huge sigh of relief), her teacher, and now Mally will get to pick a treasure out of the treasure box. Who would've thought it would be this traumatizing? I hope next year goes better with Garrett!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

School Daze!

I'm so excited!

Bye Mom! I Love You!

Garrett with his lunch box. He's ready to go to school too!

Mally eating lunch before she heads off to school!

Mally in our front yard, setting off for school.

We're here! Garrett says he's going to miss Mallory.

Mally's friend, Kiley from soccer, she's in her class too! Yeah!

Mally started kindergarten on Monday! Crazy! I can't believe I have a child going to school already! The first day was okay for her. She actually said it was boring! She stood in line and went right in, happy as can be. Today though... not so much fun! She didn't want to go at all! The teacher had to actually peel a screaming Mallory off of me! I was so sad, I almost cried. After school her teacher said she cried for about 20 minutes and then said, " I love you Mrs. Bingham!" and then told her about all the things she likes. She's ready to go back tomorrow, it was a lot more fun today! She's so sweet sometimes, I hope her teacher loves her too!

Just Us.

Mallory took this picture!

Garrett's work!

The kids wanted to take some pictures with the camera, so I let them. Nothing too fancy, Mallory was modeling some of her new back to school clothes and Garrett is modeling his cool gun! No he's not pointing it at his head!

Cupcake Culprits!

Ooh! I just dropped some on the floor!!! Oh well!

This is as good a place to eat as any! Who needs plates?

Friday, August 3, 2007

Just Cause....

He's Cute!

And diapers are yummy!
6 1/2 months old and lots of fun!