Monday, August 10, 2009

Need Recipes!!!!

OKay all of you out there, I need help desperatley!!! I dn't know what has happened to me, I think having kids is sucking the brain cells out of me, but I seriously cannot think of good meals anymore! I try to figure out what to make for dinner and my mind is a blank! All I can see is chicken... but chicken what? Please send me your favorite recipes!! Quick and healthy is best, but anything will do. Just help me!!!! You can email them to me, or leave them in a comment, either one is fine. Thanks ahead of time for helping me salvage some sanity!


The Cooper Crew said...

Hey Tammie! Maren and her sister have a really good food blog called I have made a ton of their recipes and they turn out good and don't take very long to make. They also have a lot of other food blogs listed on their blog too. Hope that helps a little bit! Call me so we can get together soon.

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