Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time goes by...

Not slowly, but swiftly!! We've started in on school, which I have taken on the joy of homeschooling again! I am so much happier doing it this way, and we have so much more time for the fun things in life! I feel like this is how life is supposed to be. Yeah, I don't get a whole ton of quiet moments, but I do get enough, and it's all good! This weekend we're heading out to a homeschool campout with a lot of fun people! We'll be having some fun classes, buliding rockets, and learning how to tie knots, and all sorts of fun things! I'm so excited! Neil has started back to school too, so he's getting back into his schedule, but doing well. He's still working on cars too. The lord always blesses us just when we really need it with another car for him to fix! So many people are the answers to ou prayers by them coming to him! Sorry their car is broken, but thankful they are choosing him! I've learned a lot about faith these past years, but for some reason it has really hit me this past year how wonderful that principal is! We've had to reli A LOT on faith, and somehow, the Lord is always there to catch us just before we fall! I feel his knowledge of me and my family so much. I know he knows whats going on with us and knows just when we need the extra boost to help us through. I'm so grateful that I have been belssed with that knowledge. It's something that I might never have truly know if we hadn't had to struggle so much financially. So I hate my trials, but I am grateful for what I have been taught thru them! I don't know how that turned into something so long, maybe it's because I have written it in my journal lately and I just need to get it down.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I AM 30!

I can't belive it, one year older already! Time sure does fly by that's for sure! Sometimes I wish it would go even faster, just to get us out of school and into an actual career. This month has felt so crazy! I had something going on every weekend and it has just flown by! Most memorable moments...
1. Mallory turned 8! She was baptized on Saturday Feb. 20th. It was great! We were the only one in our ward with a baptizm, so it was her own private, special day. Tha was really nice. It was a really rainy day too, and of course we were running late! But we got there, and everything worked out just fine! She said she really felt the spirit when Neil gave her the gift of the Holy Ghost, and she felt like she was going to cry. How sweet! She said it was the best day of her life!
2. Since she turned 8 Mallory was allowed to have a slumber party! Only 2 of the girls were able to spend the night, but that was fine with me! She had 3 girls over for a pajama making party and a movie. They had a lot of fun and it was one more milestone that we crossed!
3. Well obviously I hit 30! It's okay, no melt down or anything! It was actually a really good day! Neil surprised me with a gift the night before, a jacket. He said he was sick of me having to wear his ugly one all the time. That was thoughtful. Then on my birthday as I was getting ready to go, I noticed another package at the end of my bed.... I was so surprised! 2 presents! It was a bottle of perfume. One that I really liked and have wanted for while too! DNKY's "Fresh Apple Blossom." I was really excied about taht! I didn't even tell him to get me it! Then... I got into the car to head to my acupuncture appointent and there was another gift on the steering wheel! It was Lady Antebella's CD. Gotta love 3 gifts in one birthday! I haven't had so much in such a long time! It was so exciting and made me feel so special too! I also got a good hair straightner (which is what I told him to get me), so I figured tht is what I was getting, he let me open that one a week ago since I really wanted it! Do I have a great guy or what? Yeah, I do!

So that's my month. It feels like it's been non-stop, but I suppose it's all been good!

Monday, January 25, 2010

So 3 months is a long time

I guess it's now been about 3 1/2 months since the last time I posted. So update on what's going on with the family.....
Tate is almost 7 months, and he's still so much fun. Travis is 3 now. He is pretty dang funny too! He loves talking to Tate and telling him how cute he is. He's just funny to listen to. Garrett hates school. That makes life so much fun! Mallory loves school but hates homework, thats fun too! Other than that the kids are fun and happy. We had a great Christmas and the kids are really looking forward to Valentines's Day! Neil just started bak at school last week. We're hoping for a less crazy scedule. We'll see what happens though. I'm at home still, I've lost 47 lbs. since having Tate. I'm pretty dang happy about that! I am back at my prepregnancy weight, but I'm still trying for more. I have started doing yoga for my back and rib problems, and I'm finding that I really like some of the different styles. I guess thats about it. Nothing too exciting we're just pluggin' along as usual.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tate is 3 months old!

Wow! How time flies! I can't believe this little guy is already 3 month old! How does it go by so quickly? He is so much fun! he smiles and giggles, he loves being talked to. He will just smile so handsomely if you are even talking near him! He is a great baby and is going to be another fun personality in our family! These pictures were just taken today. He looks so cute in browns and blues with his rooster like red hair! he's a goofy looking thing but we think he's soo cute anyway!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Koelle Car Classes

Great for the drivers, or soon to be drivers of the family! Classes start Sept. 19, 10AM
Call Neil to reserve your place today!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer Showers

First there was this...

And then there was this!

Who needs a hose anyway?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Need Recipes!!!!

OKay all of you out there, I need help desperatley!!! I dn't know what has happened to me, I think having kids is sucking the brain cells out of me, but I seriously cannot think of good meals anymore! I try to figure out what to make for dinner and my mind is a blank! All I can see is chicken... but chicken what? Please send me your favorite recipes!! Quick and healthy is best, but anything will do. Just help me!!!! You can email them to me, or leave them in a comment, either one is fine. Thanks ahead of time for helping me salvage some sanity!